Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kathmandu - Nepal - 2012

Kathmandu houses the Holy Pashupathinath Temple. We were lucky to land on Pradhosham Day & had Darshan of Lord Shiva along with a Crowd of 40000 people.

Pashupathinath Temple

Boudha the biggest Budhist Sthupa in the world

The Durbar Square

Budh Neelkanta - Huge Sleeping Vishnu in a Pond


Flight to Mount Everest - Nepal 2012

Kathmandu Airport 6.30 a.m.

There are flight that take you over the Himalayan Range of Nepal, for one hour., This is called the Everest Express. All 16  are window seats. While going the people seated in the left can see the whole grand beauty & on return in the same route after circling near Mount Everest those on the right can see. They call you into the Cockpit also to see their view.

They issue a Certificate to all Passengers

Mount Ama Dablam

Mount Langtong

Mount Manaslu 8163 Metres

Mount Puma Ri 7165 Metres

Mount Changste 7550 Metres ^ Mount Everest  8848 Metres

Photos of POKHARA - Nepal 2012

The FEWA Lake in Pokhara

The Barahi Temple in the Middle of Lake FEWA

Bindabashini Temple

Davis Falls

Pokhara Airport

Relaxing at our Hotel

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to Mukthinath - Nepal 2012

Dear friends

Many of you who have seen the photos of my Mukthinath Temple visit have mailed and messaged me showing interest in making a visit there. This article with photos will help you in planning this trip....

Travel : You have to go to Delhi and fly to Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. One can fly to Delhi or take a train. Delhi to Kathmandu is an International flight and you need your Passports. There is no Visa requirement for Nepal. It is issued on arrival. You have to fill embarkation forms at Delhi and an application form for Visa on entry at Kathmandu. There is a good travel agent in Chennai who will organise the entire tour including local flights, Taxis with guides etc.

Kathmandu: You can spend a couple of days at Kathmandu and visit Pashupathinath, Budh Neelkanta and a few other famous temples.  You must take an early morning flight to Pokhara. Its a Tourist topwn like our Ooty. Staying there is optional. You can take an immediate connecting flight to Jomsom. To enter Jomson you need a Military Permit.The agent will organise that. Jomsom is the base camp for Mukthinath. There are good Hotels for stay here.

MUKTHINATH:  Jomsom to Mukthinath is the tough part of the whole trip. There is no other transport to the temple except a few Jeeps. These Jeeps will ply only if there are 12 passengers minimum. The road to Muthinath 1 1/2 hours drive is very rough. The roads are full of pebble stones refer picture below. The Jeep drops you at a point in Mukthinath from where there are three options to reach the Temple. 1. Walk up 2. Take a Pony ride 3. Go doubles on a Motorbike. They have about 15 Bikes where you sit behind the driver & he takes you to the temple & brings you back for Rs.300/ This is the best option.

The Temple is the 105th of the 108 DIVYA DESAMS of Lord Vishnu.  There are 108 Water Spouts called Holy Khunds behind the temple which has water dripping permanently. Devotees have bath in all 108 & take the Water in bottles. Darshan is very beautiful without too much crowds. You are allowed into the Sanctom Santorium and are allowed to touch the God and do Archanai.

The return is the same - back to the Jeep station by walk/Pony/Motorcycle. Again wait for 12 passengers and Jeep journey back to Jomsom. Stay overnight and take an early morning flight back to Pokhara & Kathmandu.

\Photos 1 & 2 -    Jomsom Airport
Photo 3          -    Jeep Station
Photo 4          -    Road to Mukthinath
Photo 5 & 6   -    Mukthinath path to temple
Photo 7         -     the 108 Holy Water Spouts
Photo 8         -     The Mukthinath Temple