Monday, March 31, 2008

Photos Bangkok -Thailand Part2

Photo 1 - Ramjhi in Black & Black. Notice one sticker on my left shoulder ? That is to identify the Tour Group I belong to.
Photo 2 - Floating Market

Photo 3- A Kick Boxing staged by Urang Utans. Just like the WWF they have a Girl Urang in Bikini Showing ROUND 1 -2 etc. They also do cheating like the original by beating each other with chairs etc. They even have audience Urangs throwing Coke Cans & Trash on the fighters. Exciting show.

Photo 4 - A Cowboy show with Horses Gun shooting, hanging etc with a lot of stunts. Look at the set. In the end the whole set collapses.

Photo 5 - Sister of the King who passed away recently. The whole Bangkok city is mourning.Notice a Black & While cloth in the bottom -that design is hung in front of every Govt. Building in the city to indicate mourning.

Photos 6 to 10 - The Royal Temple built and worshipped by the King. You can spend 2 whole days admiring it. We got just 2 hours there. Take note of the Lingam behind me in Photo 8.

End of Bangkok Album. Coming Soon ......Hong Kong and Macau.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photos -Bangkok -Thailand -Part 1

Photo 1 - Safari World -Bangkok. Wild animals are let loose and we see them from Closed Vehicles.
Photo 2-The Sea Lion show

Photo 3- Lions being fed at Safari World.
Photo 4 - About 1 lakh of persons visiting the Safari are given a Buffet Lunch in Airconditioned Halls like this. Your entrance ticket has a table number and that is reserved for you. Every dish is available till the last person eats. They keep filling the Buffet counter every 10 minutes. It was an amazing scene. This is an every day affair.

Photo 5 - This is a One year old Tiger Cub. The Milk bottle in his mouth keeps him from biting. You will notice that the milk is almost over but the attendants keep another full milk bottle ready. He was too heavy -Shobhaa had leg pain for the whole night.

Photo 6 - The Worlds longest Sleeping Budha. It was difficult to get a full picture.

Photo 7 - The Golden Budha weighing 2500 Kg of pure Gold. It was shifted from one place to another place in Bangkok a few years ago. At that time it had a white Mud coating. When the Cranes dropped the Budha at the current place the White Coating broke and revealed the Pure Gold. My guess is that whoever made this would have covered it in a Mud Coat to prevent theft during invasions.

Photo 8 - This country has a lot of Hinduism following. This is the "Parkadal Kadayum Katchi" by Devas & Asuras at the Suvarna Bhoomi Airport -Bangkok.
Photo 9 - Bangkok Airport

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pattaya - Thailand Part 2

Photo 1 - Coral Island -60Kms by Speed Boat
from Pattaya Beach.
Photo 2 - Our Hotel Iin Pattaya -Thai Garden Resort

Photo 3 - Glass Bottom Boat from which you can see the Coral Reef in Coral Island. Coral is Pavazham in Tamil.
Photo 4 - Look at the little Children playing in the sand. Do not look elsewhere.

Photo 5. Mid Sea Boat with a Take - off Platform for Para Sailing.
Photo 6 -Para Sailing

Photo 7 - The Breakfast Juice Counter at the Thai Garden Resort Hotel.
Photo 8 - The Swimming Pool at our Hotel

Photo 9 - A view of the Nong Nooch Village -Pattaya.
Photo 10 - Avanga Ooru Share Auto

Photo 11- One more view of the Botanical garden
Photo 12 - Collection of Bonsais

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ramjhi & Shobhaa Trip to Pattaya - Thailand - Part 1

Photo 1. Nong Noch Village - an amazing Botanical Garden. This is the Battery car which takes you around. Photo 2. A view of the Garden

Photo 3. The Elephant Show in the Garden
Photo 4. Ball Cactus

Photo 5- Thai Kick Boxing Photo 6. - Their local Cultural show -resembles Indian style very much.

Photo 7. - My Thai Girl friends
Photo 8. - The Terracotta Sculptures

Photo 9.- This is called BALL CUTTING of plants
Photo 10 - The Bangkok Airport called SUWARNA BHOOMI.