Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The final phase of our trip to Hongkong ,Bangkok & Pattaya

Don`t miss the Orange Bonzai plant with real tiny oranges.
MACAU - this is an amazing Island about 120 Kms from Hongkong. We went by a TURBO Boat which cruises at a speed of 110 Kms per hour. The interior of the boat is like an aircraft. Macau was colonized by the Portugese for several years and was granted independence in 1999. It belongs to China but cleverly the Chinese declared that as a separate country with its own Govt & Currency called Pataka. The only income for this country is from GAMBLING. Earlier Las Vegas in the USA was the largest earner in Gambling but now Macau is No.1. All the Worlds big names in Gambling like MGM & Time Warner have their Casinos here, each having about 40 to 50 floors of different Gambling Games.
KWAN -IN the Chinese goddess who brings them all the wealth in the world. The roads and Public areas are so beautifully maintained with flowers everywhere. There in nothing here except Gambling and the facilities to offer for those who come from all over the world to Gamble. Beautiful Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment all aimed at the International Gamblers. Even drinking water comes from mainland China.

This is one of the Casinos with a giant LCD screen where all the Gambling activities are shown. The size of the screen is four floors high. They even have Pawn shops near each Casino for emergencies. We saw huge crowds in thousands waiting for something. On enquiry we found that they were waiting for Free transport coaches to take them to their favourite Casinos - Bali Kada. Salt to Ice Cream, Underwear to Suit, Tooth Brush to baby Food every single thing is supplied to Hong Kong & Macau by China. The entire Tourism & Gambling income also goes to them. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW CHINA HAS COME TO BE A SUPER POWER IN A SHORT SPAN.